Leonardo Specialties

Leonardo gelato specialties are exclusively available at our own gelaterias. At a Leonardo gelateria our customers will discover an incredibly choice of every day freshly crafted gelato featuring unexpected, sophisticated flavour combinations obtained through the artisanal use of premium quality and carefully selected ingredients (both traditional and exotic). New specialities are created regularly and stem from Leonardo’screativity and curiosity that prompt towards the food traditions of other cultures around the world.

Granita Fruit flavours


It is among the most appreciated and sold flavours of the gelato laboratorio Leonardo. Be seduced by this delicious specialty with mascarpone, blended with a touch of Marsala Vergine Soleras wine, one of the finest dessert wines in Italy. Leonardo serves its freshly crafted gelato with an enticing topping of melted Gianduia chocolate.

“After Eight-Style” Mint Gelato

Fine cream of milk gelato with Peppermint from Pancalieri (a small village near Turin), to which the Italian gelato laboratorio Leonardo adds knife-cut dark chocolate shavings. After Eight chocolate lovers be delighted!.

Blonde chocolate

A new chocolate gelato crafted with caramelized white chocolate that Leonardo prepares by melting and mixing it with fresh cream.


Almond paste from Sicily, macaroons and hazelnut paste from Piedmont: this is the secret that makes our every day freshly crafted gelato a unique product. Caramelized almonds will give this gelato a bright and tasty appearance.

Cremino Leonardo

The most sold flavour of the Italian gelato laboratorio Leonardo. It inimitably reproduces the taste of the Cremino chocolate with hazelnuts, the famous pralines with layers. Velvety to the palate and prepared every day with white chocolate, hazelnut and cream, interlayered with Gianduia chocolate cream.

Crunchy black cherry

Black cherry lovers will find this flavour unforgettable. It is crafted fresh every day by the Italian gelato laboratorio Leonardo with Fior di Panna (milk cream), black cherries, caramelized chopped hazelnuts and amaretto biscuits.

Crunchy caramel

From our Italian gelato laboratorio, a flavour that combines the best salted caramel with the crunchiness of the Italian caramelized hazelnuts. You'll find this combination only at Leonardo's.

Dark chocolate fudge

A velvety cream crafted by mixing fresh cream and high quality dark chocolate: only a gelato crafted fresh every day manages to reproduce the taste and texture of French fudge.

Dark Cremino

Dark Gianduia layered chocolate which imitates the typical bicolour dark chocolate praline with the same name. The Italian gelato laboratorio Leonardo makes this inimitable flavour combining dark chocolate, cream and hazelnut, interlayered with pistachio cream.

Florentine custard cream

Cream, Millefiori honey, eggs, orange and lemon peel extract. Here is how the gelato production laboratorio Leonardo reinterprets the famous custard cream created during the Renaissance by the architect Buontalenti: it is a secret recipe that the architect invented for the banquette to celebrate the completion of the Forte di Belvedere, one of Florence’s landmark buildings.


The gelato laboratorio Leonardo produces this flavour with Indonesian ginger and cubes of candied ginger.

Gran Torino

A gelato flavour created by the gelato laboratorio Leonardo to celebrate the 150 years of unification of Italy. A recipe that evokes the unification between Northern and Southern Italy. A gelato crafted fresh every day exalting the flavour of dark Piedmontese gianduia crafted with the best hazelnuts and a sprinkle of salt from Trapani in Sicily.

Lactose free Pistachio

The Italian gelato laboratorio Leonardo also offers those who are lactose intolerant a lactose-free pistachio flavour. Crafted fresh every day this flavour is also suitable for vegans. Although it is milk-free, the quality and intensity of the pistachio doesn’t change.


Refined and sophisticated, this flavour evokes the Mediterranean food tradition’s tastes. A gentle Mediterranean pine nut gelato enriched with whole pine nuts that the Italian gelato producer Leonardo roasts personally, to enhance the ice cream taste and crispiness.

Mediterranean custard cream

Anevery day fresh flavour with egg cream and raisins from the Eolie islands with Zibibbo sweet wine from Sicily produced by Cantine Pellegrino. Come and discover how the Italian gelato laboratorio Leonardo reinterprets the classic Malaga flavour.

Mango heera

For this recipe the gelato laboratorio Leonardo uses only Indian mangos of the finest species, the Kesar, and yogurt. A gelato crafted fresh every day produced during the spring and summer that reinterprets the Indian traditional drink “Mango Lassi”.


Creamy delicacy with Fior di Panna (milk cream) enriched with black cherry syrup and whole black cherries: that is how Leonardo gelato laboratorio reinterprets this classic flavour.

New York New York

A gelato crafted fresh every day, inspired by the North American culinary tradition, it is crafted with Canadian organic maple syrup and caramelized pecan nuts.

Orange chocolate

Orange paste, candied orange slices and Grand Marnier, the famous French orange liquor. An inimitable flavour prepared by the Italian gelato laboratorio Leonardo for those who love this classic combination.


A flavour crafted with a typical traditional dessert from Modena. The Italian gelato laboratorio Leonardo produces it by combining chocolate, zabaglione and cubes of “torta Barozzi” from Modena (also known as “Torta Nera”), all prepared in our laboratorios.

Ricotta and figs

A mix of Mediterranean flavours prepared by our gelato makers in our Italian gelato lab. A gelato made fresh daily with Sicilian sheep ricotta, enriched with whole figs, cooked and caramelized in the oven.

San Luca

The gelato laboratorio Leonardo prepares a flavour very much appreciated by white chocolate lovers: the San Luca. It is made combining real melted white chocolate with rice crispies.

Sweet Alabama

The Italian gelato laboratorio Leonardo drew its inspiration from the classic flavours of the United States of America to create this delicious flavour, especially loved by the young: creamy gelato crafted fresh every day with chocolate and peanut butter.

Sesame saffron

A refined and exotic recipe: the gelato laboratorio Leonardo has artfully blended authentic and precious saffron with caramelized sesame seeds to have created this unusual and exquisite flavour.


The Italian Gelato laboratorio Leonardo takes inspiration from this traditional Italian dessert and presents you with a layered gelato flavour crafted fresh every day reproducing the rich taste of Tiramisu. Layer after layer of mascarpone gelato are interspersed with sponge cake imbued with espresso coffee.

Chocolate with rum

Italy meets Jamaica in this recipe created by Leonardo, which recalls the flavours of the “Cuneesi al rhum” (typical pralines with rum from Cuneo). In this gelato crafted fresh every day one finds the best cocoa, dark chocolate chips and the heavenly Jamaican rum.

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