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In our gelaterias, in addition to our gelato crafted fresh every day, you may taste other delicacies crafted in the gelato laboratorio. Natural yogurts, hot chocolates, crepes, waffles, semi-freddi, gelato cakes and Christmas desserts.  In the warmer seasons, you can also enjoy some moments of pure freshness with our ice-lollies, gelato bars, milk shakes or our delicious gelato crafted fresh every day.


Cakes. Many Leonardo gelaterias enrich their offers with delicious gelato cakes prepared in our gelato laboratorios to take away. Our cakes can also be prepared upon request, according to your preferences: try any combination of your choice and be amazed by the taste of our gelato crafted fresh every day.

Classic cream flavours Granita


Enhance the pleasure of Leonardo hot chocolate by savouring it with Leonardo brownies. Crusty on the outside and soft on the inside Leonardo brownies are crafted fresh every day in our laboratorios using dark chocolate, cocoa, flower and eggs.

Waffles and crepes

We prepare waffles and crepes in our gelato laboratorios Leonardo, using only natural ingredients and following proprietary Leonardo recipes; no pre-prepared industrial mixes. The crepes and waffles crafted by Leonardo are only made upon request and can be perfectly combined with cream, fresh fruit, maple syrup, honey or Gianduia cream, and, of course, our freshly crafted creamy gelato.

Hot chocolate

Chocolate lovers will not be able to resist this delicious temptation produced by the gelato laboratorio Leonardo. A unique creaminess and an enveloping taste make our chocolate unmistakable. Prepared with various types of cocoa from Africa (Ivory Coast, Zaire and Madagascar), this warm delicacy will warm you up your heart.

Christmas desserts

Unique products crafted in our Italian gelato laboratorios: at Christmas come to our gelaterias to discover our offer of Christmas desserts and be seduced by the intense deliciousness of their taste.

Single portions

Leonardo’s ready-made beautifully decorated single portions. Prepared with our gelato crafted fresh every day, the small cups are sold in special transparent 6-piece boxes, perfect to be presented as a dinner gift to your hosts or shared with your friends.

Ice-lollies and ice-cream bars

When the summer gets hot and the desire of freshness is deeper, be enticed by the unique taste of the fresh fruit ice-lollies and by thedelicious custard cream gelato bars, all hand-crafted by Leonardo. All our products are prepared in our gelato laboratorios attached to every gelateria.


Yogurt prepared according to the Greek tradition. Creamy, intense and slightly tangy, the yogurt we offer is produced in a small dairy farms. Come and taste the delicious combinations yogurt-honey and yogurt-black cherries or try it with our natural fruit preserves prepared in our gelato laboratorio.

Milk shakes

Leonardo’s Italian gelato laboratorios also prepare delicious milk shakes: they are crafted with Italian Alpine milk from the Stura Valley and freshly crafted gelato every day.

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