Our commitment

To make sure Leonardo consumers enjoy the highest quality gelato, our Italian gelato laboratorio takes care of its gelato with craftmanship and precision. These are Leonardo’s 10 golden rules in order to obtain the best gelato ever.


very fresh

Always very fresh. Gelato crafted fresh every day,and often many times during the day.

Local product

Crafted on premise. Leonardo produces gelato in the gelato laboratorio attached to each of its gelaterias.



Natural gelato. In our gelato crafted fresh every day you will never find any preservatives, anti-oxidants, hydrogenated fats, artificial colorants, mono and diglycerides and the likes of propylene glycol, propanediol etc.


Special Italian Alpine milk. The Italian gelato laboratorio Leonardo uses Italian Alpine cream and milk from the grazing lands of the Italian Stura Valley, in the mountain areas around Cuneo in the Piedmont region in Italy.


real fruit

Only real fruit. In our gelato made fresh daily fruit flavours will make you rediscover all the taste of real fruit.
Our fruit flavours are made of real fruit. We never use fruit concentrates, artificial fruit flavouring and any chemical substances.



Choice ingredients. In our gelato production lab we use only the finest and highest quality ingredients sourced by us in Italy and the world.


without compromises

Quality without cutting corners. Gelato made fresh daily with choice ingredients: we never skimp on the dosage of pricy ingredients in order to cut costs.


to the palate

Kind to the palate. From our gelato laboratorio come only products served at a slightly higher temperature than the average, so that your palate will not be shocked by the cold.

Full fruit!

Abundance of fruit. Leonardo, in its Italian gelato laboratorio, prepares sorbets and slushes with a maximum of organic fruit content.


and velvety

Intense and velvety. Leonardo gelato is prepared every day and its distinct taste is always recognizable, even with your eyes closed.

Only few producers can boast the same premium quality and healthiness of Leonardo