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Are you passionate about high quality gelato? Are you waiting for the perfect opportunity to start an independent and prestigious business activity? The Italian gelato lab Leonardo offers you the chance to open a shop to serve gelato made fresh daily. We will support you and help you find the most suitable shop location and we will build and equip it and train you. Our goal is to give you the necessary skills in a short period so that you can also work by following the high standards which made the gelato production lab Leonardo a unique and prestigious brand. We do not require experience and specific skills in the sector. What we ask for is the desire to work in a profitable business sector. And of course we’d like to see a team spirit. To learn more write to

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Come aprire una gelateria in franchising

Assesment interview

The first step is to get to know and understand each other. We’d like to meet you in person at a Leonardo  gelato production lab. For us our franchisees are first of all friends, before being business partners. It dosen’t take long to learn how to prepare our gelato made fresh daily. But we are only at the beginning! Once all the key elements of our partnership are clarified, we can start the real work. We will support you in all the start-up steps.

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Come trovare una gelateria in franchising

Research and selection of the shop

The search for an optimal shop location is the entire partnership project’s cornerstone.As this choice is a crucial step, we need to consider it with the utmost care: we will analyze the proximity with the main competitors, the actual transport routes, privileging locations next to places of public interest or centers frequently visited by the general public (stadiums, sport arenas, schools, museums, exhibitions, historic districts, tourist attractions, shopping areas, churches, squares, etc).The shop’s square footage, the adjoining gelato production lab and the presence of a sales/public area will be elements to be attentively evaluated as well.We at Leonardo leave nothing to chance: for this reason the potential users base is previously analyzied and assessed to determine in details the possible revenue related to the initial investment.

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Business plan gelateria in franchising

Business plan

The business plan is a document that summarizes the business project’s contents and characteristics. It is a crucial step in order to calculate the amount of the investment capital required, but also to assess the extent of the necessary resources and personnel. There is no mathematical formula to calculate the capital needed to start a Leonardo gelato production lab: every project is unique and should be developed in relation to different environmental and local factors.

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Contratto per la gelateria in franchising

Contract signature

We are almost done! The contract signature is the moment that formalizes the beginning of franchising with Leonardo. At this point all the organizational, logistic and contract details have been clarified and assessed down to the smallest details. The adventure begins: are you ready to inaugurate your new shop and gelato production lab Leonardo?

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Desing Rivareno per gelaterie in franchising

Store design

The store design must follow the guidelines established by our expert team: we want all the shops and Italian gelato labs Leonardo to be immediately recognizable. The aim is to create a leitmotiv, which combines aesthetics with the need to communicate product quality to our customers. All the new openings must be consistent with our design format, which aims to give our shops the image of authentic guormet boutiques, decorated with warm colours and materials that are truly Italian. Our shops are exclusive and refined places, where we serve gelato made fresh daily. They are perfect to welcome and pamper even the most demanding customers who care for the smallest details. For this reason the design and layout of the shop will be realized with Leonardo’s direct supervision.

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Formazione del personale per franchising

Staff training

In launching and stablishing a Leonardo gelato production lab, a crucial element is the selection and the training of staff. Leonardo directly takes care of the staff training and is able to quickly transfer the skills and technical and operational know how to start the perfect Italian gelato lab. Everyone inside your gelato shop will know what to do and how to do it. They will know that kindness, courtesy and attention to the customers are the key elements upon which Leonardo has built its commercial success.

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Come aprire gelateria in franchising estero


The big day has come: all the efforts and the work have brought you here. But it is not the time to relax, because real work begins now! Leonardo will support you to promote your new gelato shop, to make it known and appreciated. Leonardo gelato made fresh daily is already a synonym for top quality and authenticity.  Your task will be to transform your Italian gelato lab into a true tasting and meeting point in your city. Being part of our team you will always have all the help you need. We are waiting for you!

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