Leonardo, born out of passion

Leonardo was born out of an artisanal ambition combined with an intense passion for real food. The first Leonardo gelato laboratorio opened to the public in Milan in 2005. It was the first of an ever growing number of gelaterias opened by a group of entrepreneurs who wanted to spread Leonardo’s passion for premium quality gelato to different countries. Today Leonardo is an internationally known brand that remains true to its vibrant Italian heritage. Besides Indonesia (Bali) Leonardo has gelaterias in Italy (Pavia, Milano Marittima, Pescara, Firenze, Roma, Ostia, Milano, Novara, Como), Australia (Sydney), Malta (St. Julian’s & Sliema) and Spain (Marbella & Palma de Mallorca). More gelaterias will be opened soon. Please visit our other websites for more information.

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Leonardo, culinarilyrooted in Bologna, Italy

Leonardo, culinarily rooted in Bologna, Italy
Bologna is the city where the idea of Leonardo was born. The name -Leonardo -pays homage to Bologna (located on the shores of the “riva Reno” or translated“river Rhine”) and its inhabitants, traditionally known for their passion, strength and intensity, but above all their love for great food. Since its foundation in 2004, leonardo has brought fresh gelato crafted every day to its fans. Quality without comprise is the key principle on which Leonardo was founded and today this principle still guides all decisions made in the Leonardo organization.

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A unique product

The fresh gelato crafted every day by Leonardo distinguishes itself for being unique in its texture and taste. As a recognition to its premium quality, Leonardo has received many awards by various food critics and institutions in Italy and abroad. Almost from the start, the Italian gelato laboratorio Leonardo received the prize “Miglior Gelateria d’Italia” (translated “Best gelateria in Italy”) sponsored by the association Golosaria. Lonely Planet writes about Leonardo and TripAdvisor has awarded Leonardo many Certificates of Excellence. The latter are very important awards because they are directly awarded by the public: our fans have made this success come true with their appreciation of Leonardo’s premium quality gelato. Leonardo is ranked today among the favourite food destinations by the most influential travel websites in the world.

A unique product