Leonardo, born out of passion

Leonardo was born out of an artisanal ambition combined with an intense passion for real food. Leonardo is firmly rooted in the Italian artisanal gelato tradition which evolved from the first recorded sorbetto recipe, which Marco Polo brought with him to Venice when he returned from China in 1295. Almost 3 hundred year later, in Florence, Cosimo Ruggeri, is credited with creating the first gelato, fior di latte, at the court of Catherine de’ Medici, in a competition, with the theme “il piatto più singolare che si fosse mai visto” (the most unique dish that had ever been seen).
Leonardo has a passion for the highest quality gelato that is true to its Italian heritage. The first Leonardo cremeria (a place where gelato is made from milk) is in Seminyak, Bali, Indonesia. More Leonardo cremerias will be opened soon. Please check our website for more information soon.

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Leonardo, culinarily rooted in Sicily, Italy

The Romans began the ritual of eating the ice of the volcanoes Etna and covering it with honey. It was during the Italian Renaissance when the great tradition of Italian gelato began. After the famed Medici family from Florence sponsored this greatest fof all rozen desserts, it was Francesco Procopio dei Coltelli, a famous restaurateur from Sicily, who made gelato famous all over Europe. Procopio moved from Palermo to Paris and opened a café that soon became the hub for every novelty, from exotic coffee, to chocolate, to a refined gelato served in small glasses that resembled egg cups. The Procope, as the café was known, soon became hugely successful and gelato spread throughout France and into other parts of Europe and has been a huge inspiration for Leonardo.


A unique product

The fresh gelato crafted every day by Cremeria Leonardo distinguishes itself for being unique in its texture and taste. As a recognition to its premium quality, Leonardo has received awards by various international food critics and institutions. The farm to table approach advocated by Slow Food and the unique use of local and organic ingredients guarantees the freshest and best gelato experience. Our fans show us their daily appreciation of Leonardo’s premium quality gelato. Leonardo Gelato is served at the best Restaurants in Bali and Cremeria Leonardo is ranked among the favourite food destinations in Bali.

A unique product