Laboratorio Italiano


Italy's Best Gelato made in Bali


With coconut milk and coconut shavings from Sri Lanka, sweet and fresh


Crunchy like almonds, bitter-sweet like Amaretto

Panna cotta

All the velvety consistency of panna cotta

Cremino dark

Inspired by the famous multi layered chocolate from Bologna, but in extra-dark version

Crafted Fresh Every Day

The Italian gelato laboratorio Leonardo serves its customers not just gelato, but a delightful sensorial experience. It is the result of never ending artisanal efforts of assuring the single highest standards of quality and freshness, day after day.


Fresh gelato crafted every day, prepared with unrivaled care and passion: the secret that makes Leonardo gelato unique in the world.

Our commitment

Only with real fruit

Fruit content always more than 55%


Leonardo’s specialties

The secret of Leonardo’s specialties? All the flavours of the great Italian artisanal tradition, mixed with creativity and an abundance of curiosity for the culinary delights around the world.
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Italy's best gelato now in Bali

Leonardo welcomes you in our new gelateria in Seminyak, Bali, so you can experience something truly unique: try our award-winning freshly crafted gelato and dive into our world of heavenly frozen goodness.


The best Italian gelato now in Bali

Leonardo has arrived in Bali, Indonesia, to offer its incredible freshly crafted gelato to all lovers of the freshest of tastes crafted in the Italian artisanal tradition. The best Italian gelato is now available in Bali, our first flagship gelateria in Asia. The Leonardo gelateria in Bali is located right next to the beach of Seminyak adjoined by a charming panoramic terrace. Every day Leonardo will select for you the best products from Bali and the Indonesian archipelago. Leonardo will continue to create new flavours, taken from the great abundance of tropical fruits that these wonderful islands have to offer. We will combine the flavours of the land, creating innovative mixes that will amaze even the most demanding palettes.

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